Zendo Second Street


“In the beginning everyone was shocked that we picked the location that we did,” said Westell. “It was kind of on the outskirts of Downtown, near the homeless shelter, and there was this misconception of the area as a ‘bad part of town,’ but now that we’ve been there for over five years people are starting to recognize that it’s not scary, it’s not a bad part of town, and they’re thinking ‘I’m a little more willing to take a risk, too.'” 

Architectural Digest recently gave a nod to downtown coffee shop Zendo, adding it to its list of most beautiful coffee shops in every state. Zendo, on Second Street and Lead Avenue, is praised for its outdoor patio and artistic mural. The magazine also notes the calming atmosphere. 



413 2nd Street SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Open daily from 7am – 3pm